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Listing (albeit belatedly) the fanworks created for miscellaneous Rosemary Sutcliff fandoms in [community profile] trickortreatex 2016:

The Eagle of the Ninth

"Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt" by [personal profile] motetus (Art) Esca, Marcus, and their daemons, on their farm in Hispania.

Frontier Wolf:

"Bonded" by [personal profile] fawatson (Fic) Alexios discovers the truth behind why Frontier Wolves only kill one wolf.

The Mark of the Horse Lord:

"Sacrifice" by [personal profile] fawatson (Fic) Titus Hilarian and Phaedrus' fates are joined together.
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Rosemary Sutcliff haul from Yuletide 2016! Fanworks were created for Frontier Wolf (novel) and Eagle of the Ninth (novel) / The Eagle (movie). Merry reading and joyous holidays!

Note that we feature the rec link with trope highlights for your enjoyment and enticement.

Frontier Wolf:

on principle, not chance, Alexios/Hilarion, developing relationship (Soon, the year’s longest night would choke the last vestiges of warmth from both land and men. The numerus, sequestered in the easternmost fort of Gallia Belgica, was barely a hundred miles from the frontier that had brought legions to their knees.)

The Eagle of the Ninth:

Shelter, Marcus/Esca, cave snuggling (While evading the Seal People, Marcus and Esca sleep in a small cave for the night.)
Parsimonia, Diligentia, Iustitia, Marcus/Esca, domestic pining (Esca lets his mind wander to their future, to bright days spent in the field at Marcus’ side and tired evenings at the fireside with Cub drowsing at their feet, and eventually, his little herd of horses grazing the slopes of their home.)
Murder in Barbarikon, Marcus/Esca, fake dating & murder mystery (Marcus and Esca travel to 2nd-century Pakistan as escorts on a trade mission. When a murder is discovered, they must expose the killer in a city where they can trust no one but each other.)
Do mechanics dream of steam-powered sheep?, Marcus/Esca, steampunk (His uncle said, beaming, “Marcus, a gentleman is here to enquire about your horses.”)


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