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Welcome to Sutcliff Monthly, a low-key, prompt-based challenge for all kinds of fan creations based on the works by Rosemary Sutcliff!

The Rules:
The Sutcliff Monthly Challenge consists of prompt rounds all year round, twelve in total.
Each prompt is open for one month (circa 30 days), with a "grace"/"amnesty" period for late submissions (TBD).
To participate, you create any kind of fanwork for any kind of Sutcliff-related canon on your choice inspired by the monthly prompt and then submit it.
To win, you participate and submit. In the Sutcliff Monthly Challenge, every challenger is a winner!
Our purpose is to share the love for various themes and characters appearing in different Sutcliff works and to boost everyone's creative energy with a low-key, no-pressure challenge.

Reminder: Rosemary Sutcliff novels by period:
Bronze Age & Iron Age: The Chief's Daughter, Shifting Sands, Warrior Scarlet, Sun Horse, Moon Horse
Ancient Greece: The Flowers of Adonis, The Truce of the Games (A Crown of Wild Olive)
Roman Britain: Song for a Dark Queen, Eagle's Egg, The Capricorn Bracelet, The Eagle of the Ninth, The Mark of the Horse Lord, Outcast, A Circlet of Oak Leaves, The Silver Branch, Frontier Wolf
Middle Ages: The Lantern Bearers, Sword at Sunset, The Sword and the Circle, The Light Beyond the Forest, The Road to Camlann, Dawn Wind, The Shining Company
Vikings: Sword Song, Blood Feud
Norman period: The Shield Ring, Knight's Fee, The Witch's Brat
Elizabethan and 16th century: The Armourer's House, The Queen Elizabeth Story, Brother Dusty-Feet, Lady In Waiting
English Civil War and 17th century: The Rider of the White Horse, Simon, Bonnie Dundee
18th century: Flame-Coloured Taffeta
19th century: Blood and Sand

NB! Some short stories have not been indexed by period, but they are all elible!

1. What kind of works can I create for?
Any and all works by Rosemary Sutcliff, from full-length novels to short stories, as well as adaptations of Sutcliff's work (films, series, radio plays, etc.) Simply indicate the canon you are writing/drawing/crafting, etc. for.

2. What can I create for the challenge?
Any kind of fanwork is eligible: fic (from classic drabbles to novel-length epics, if you will), art (simple sketches, detailed illustrations, photographed miniatures and installations, icons, mood themes and banners), craft (pies and their recipes, necklaces and other accessories), mixes (music selection or playlists to stream), et cetera.

3. How do I post my work for the challenge?
Comment to the monthly post containing the prompt you created for with either a link to your creation or the creation itself.

4. How do I indicate that my fanwork was created for Sutcliff Monthly on other platforms?
You are welcome to tag your work with "Sutcliff Monthly Challenge" on AO3 and/or make a similar statement on your post.

5. What happens when I post a fanwork for the Sutcliff Monthly Challenge?
You are, automatically, a winner. It's a win-win challenge.

6. How do I browse the works that others created for Sutcliff Monthly?
While the prompt is still open, you may look at the submission comments and discover what other participants have created. Once the monthly prompt round is closed, a masterpost will be posted to [community profile] sutcliff_space.

7. How long are the Sutcliff Monthly rounds open?
One month from the day they begin.

8. Not all prompts inspire me. Can I participate in just one round of Sutcliff Monthly?
Yes, absolutely. Anyone can drop in and do as many or as few rounds as they like.

9. How many fanworks can I submit for each round of Sutcliff Monthly?
Anyone can submit as many or as few as they wish. There are no limits.

10. I have finished my fanwork but the monthly prompt round is already closed. / I have been unexpectedly inspired by an old prompt and have created something for it. How do I share my Sutcliff love?
If the round is closed, but the masterpost is not up, you can still submit your fanwork for that round via simple comment. If the masterpost is already up, you'll have the opportunity to submit your fanwork via comment during a special "grace"/"amnesty" period. It will be a special party for unexpected & belated works!

11. Behold! I am a glorious knight/gladiatrix who has successfully participated in ALL rounds of the Sutcliff Monthly Challenge all year. How do you celebrate my might and splendour?
Ave! Those who have participated in all monthly prompt rounds (either by posting something each month or by covering the missing monthly prompts during the special "grace"/"amnesty" period) shall be declared champions of the Sutcliff Monthly Challenge et cum iustis scribantur and we shall publicly glorify their names.

12. I have more questions, how do I ask them?
Please reply to this post with your question!

See you very soon for our First Round of Sutcliff Monthly!
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